The Coffee Break Quiz - A challenging selection of General Engineering questions and answers 
 Sometimes you just don't know what you don't know, but you're sure that you did know or that you should know and when you see the answers you know that once upon a time you probably did know !

Challenge your colleagues - can they answer more than you ?

  1. A Fathometer is a a depth finder which uses sound waves to determine the depth of water - True or False
  2. The CN Tower was the world's tallest freestanding structure -  in which city is it located? - a) New York  b) Toronto  c) Paris  d) Tokyo
  3. Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench is the deepest point on the earths surface - what is the second deepest point - a) Kuril-Kamchatka trench  b) Philippine Trench  c) Kermadec Trench  d) Tonga Trench
  4. French physician René Laënnec invented the Stethascope to avoid the embarrassment of pressing his ear against the bodies of his female patients - True or False
  5. What do Salisbury Cathedral (UK),  Chiogga (Italy) and Beauvais (France) have in common - they lay claim to -  a) the oldest working windmill  b) the oldest working clock c) the oldest working town water supply system  d) the oldest municipal library
  6. In the news recently, "Kepler" is a deep sea exploration submersible which is involved in geophysical research - True or False
  7. A bathyscaphe is a type of hot air balloon - True to False
  8. BMW is a German automobile manufacturer - BMW stands for "Berlin Mechanical Works - True or False
  9. HAZOP is a system used to build safety into engineering design - HAZOP stands for - HAZard & OPerability Study  - True or False
  10.  Which was the first city in the United States to institute chlorination of its water supply in 1908 - a) Detroit  b) Jersey City, New Jersey  c) Los Angeles d) Houston, Texas

``Science is the study of what Is, 
Engineering builds what Will Be.''
Theodore VonKármán, c.a. 1957



1) True  2) b) Toronto  3) d) Tonga Trench - about 10,882 m below sea level in the Pacific Ocean  4) True  5) b) the oldest working clock  6) False - Kepler is a space observatory launched by NASA to discover Earth like planets orbiting other stars  7) False - A bathyscaphe is a type of deep-sea submersible,  8) False - BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, or in English, Bavarian Motor Works  9) True  10) b) Jersey City, New Jersey